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Logo Design Services

We bring your name to life by creating a logo that reflects your brand's personality. By being the first visual asset for any brand, a logo will usually set the stage for how the rest of the identity will look – which is why it is so important to get it right.

Concept is King

We believe in creating highly customised and differentiated logos grounded in conceptual thinking. When designing a logo, our whole team gets involved in creating a meaningful story and overarching concept that supports the logo – this is what provides the backbone for the rest of the brand, which enables seamless rollout and brand communication across all platforms.

Trade Mark Registration Stages

Types of Logos We Create

A company logo can take on many forms. In all instances, we consider your target audience, the industry your brand will be a part of, and the overarching tone that you want your identity to convey. The categories here show how logos can be conceptualised according to certain styles, but one brand can have multiple types of logos in its brand architecture. Gone are the days when a company only has one logo or one way of representing its brand.

Nuditea rooibos tea logo with registration mark



Font-driven Mark

A font-driven mark uses the brand name alone. This works well with a short name and can have high impact. Choosing the font to work from is of great importance, as well as customising it to be as original as possible.

Punchu clothing logo


Combination Mark

A combination mark makes use of the brand name in conjunction with a graphic element that represents the brand. They can be stacked on top of each other, placed side-by-side or integrated into one form to create the completed logo.

Debu vocals app lightning bolt logo icon


Pictorial Mark

This type of logo can stand alone in association with a brand, especially one that is well-established. It should be recognisable as an image and should speak to the brand’s offering and overarching tone.

Moov fuel letter mark logo


Letterform Mark

A letterform is exclusively typographic. It represents a brand by using just one letter, usually the first letter of the brand's name. They are helpful when you have a long brand name, as they fit easily into various spaces.

Phil app mascot logo



A mascot is usually an illustrated character that represents a company's persona. It usually has a name, which may or may not be the name of the brand itself, and can increase interaction with consumers.

Kruna Engineering abstract logo


Abstract Mark

Instead of being purely pictorial, an abstract mark conveys a strong underlying concept or 'big idea'. These marks are always highly conceptual and are excellent for brands that want to expand their offering in the future.

Our Latest Logo Design

Our most playful logo design was done for our client named Pünchu. The overarching concept for the logo was based on a speech bubble. It highlights the importance of communication in the developmental phase and symbolises the sharing of culture and language with others.

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