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Name Creation Services

The right name for your company or product can make all the difference. Without a truly considered, strategic and creative name, you'll be missing out on a solid platform for the future of your brand identity.

Types of Names We Create

We aren't only in the brand name game. We are experienced in creating and crafting exceptional slogans, brand descriptors, service/product names and campaign names. Addressing all linguistic aspects of a brand is of great value, which is why we also create these kinds of brand assets.


Company Names

Every company needs a name – but not just any name. It should differentiate the company from its competition and always take the future into account. Things can change, and companies can grow, so a name needs to allow for growth and expansion.


Product Names

When it comes to products, naming can get extra creative. We love to push the boundaries of what is expected. The market is so saturated with millions of products, so a name really needs to make a statement and stand out from the noise.


Campaign Names

A thoroughly researched and thought-through strategy always comes first when working on campaign names. When the foundation is laid effectively, campaign names start to flow, and we can weave a rich and meaningful narrative.


Service Names

Offering services can be a tough exercise when it comes to advertising in a saturated market. There's usually no physical product that a client can go home with, so the name of your service needs to be really clear, clever and memorable.


Brand Descriptors

When we work with or create brands with abstract or conceptual brand names, we need to develop concise, hard-working brand descriptors to communicate what the company does so that the company's offering reaches as many people as possible.



Slogans are often the last thing people think of when creating a brand, and it's a missed opportunity to communicate your tone and ethos. We always develop slogans alongside brand names and logos to ensure well-rounded communication.

Trade Mark Registration Stages

Creativity or strategy? We do both.

Neither creativity nor strategy alone can produce an effective and successful name. The magic happens when the creative naming process is backed with research and a clearly-defined brand strategy. When we develop names for our clients, we are not only putting a new name out there; we are laying the essential foundations for an entire brand and the future of the business behind it.

What's in a name?

We’ll make sure your name stands the test of time.

The Naming Check List

During and after the name creation process, it is essential to consider a few factors about the options that have been developed. There may be many options that our team likes, but we have to ask whether they really answer the brief and if they check all the important boxes for a strong name.

  • Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Full of meaning
  • Ledgible
  • Authentic
  • Suitable Length
  • Unpredictable
  • Protectable

Our Latest Name Creation

Wolken Fashion + Apparel is one of our most recent name creations. The company was previously named 'Lombards Clothing', after the former owner. The new name was inspired by the Wolkberg mountain range. It combines the company's geographic location and its elevated position in the clothing industry, as 'Wolkberg' freely translates to 'Cloud Mountain'. After the name was selected and legally cleared, we developed a timeless logo, brand descriptor and slogan.

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